Pedro Faria (he/him, b.1989, formerly known as Pedro Proença) is a composer, electric bassist, writer, public servant and meme enthusiast from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

His music is described by the rats on his walls as “please, don’t put us through this again, we don’t like answering questions”, and by his close family as “yeah, sounds good”.

He lives in Rio de Janeiro with his wife, their pets and the aforementioned interview-hating rats.

academic stuff

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ, 2013), and a Master’s Degree in Music from Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ, 2022), where I studied under Prof. Dr. Liduino Pitombeira.

Also, I’ve studied with Arthur Kampela and Wladimir Tourinho.

I began my musical life as a bassist for several bands here in Rio, and only after having graduated from college for 4 years that I discovered myself as a composer, at age 28.

My interests are Algorithmic Composition, Compositional Systems, Systemic Modelling, and Intertextuality in general.

i’m also a youtuber!

Yes, i have two YouTube channels!

A channel for electric bass stuff, like covers and lesson videos;

And a channel for serious, composer-y stuff.

e-mail me

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