book review - MOONFELLOWS, by Danger Slater

Danger Slater's MOONFELLOWS

Everything Danger Slater writes is great, and I say that despite considering him a dear friend. MOONFELLOWS is no different.

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Set in 1906, the book tells the story of the first US manned mission to the moon, in search of a mysterious yet powerful mineral.

Narrated by the gravedigger of the crew, chosen because of his ability to, well, dig, this is a tall tale with zero science involved, but that encapsulates greatly the American spirit of "doing first, think about it later".

Everything goes wrong in this ill-fated journey to our satellite, but more than that: everything can ONLY go wrong when the only driving force behind an action of this magnitude is hubris.

Danger makes it clear through his writing that all the stuff that goes down is not the fault of the crew of the ship. It's the American hubris, with its Manifest Destiny type of madness that befall the doomed crew of brave men and women.

I know I'm making it sound like this book is some serious exploration of the true meaning of the American spirit...and it is. But it's packaged as a fun romp through space, in the likes of Méliès'A Trip to the Moon and The Martian. It's absurd and lovable, surreal and moving and sad. It's a great book.

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Rating: 5/5 stars.

Written on July 31, 2022