Here’s a list of my current artistic output!

concert music

the lonely communist sorrow (string quartet, 2017)

This is what i consider to be my fist actual piece; it was premiered by the Kalimera Quartet in 2018. Here’s the premiere, and here’s the score following video.

I had just learned about serialism, but my knowledge ended on the twelve-tone matrix. So, I developed a weird way of creating harmonies using the row, and the result was this piece.

I’m really proud of it.

mozão e eu (acoustic guitar, 2020)

A piece based on two bars of Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (yes, the two bars you’re thinking of). I used a lot of processes and weird techniques to come up with this result, that was premiered by the incomparable Fabio adour. Here’s the premiere, and here’s the score following video.

uma ready-made sonata (electric bass, 2021)

This piece was written at the request from Marcel Castro-Lima, to contribute to his Doctoral research; Marcel created a sort of archetypical definition of a sonata, and tasked several composers with writing a piece matching this definition. This is the result i came up with :)

telema (four appropriate instruments to be played remotely or not, 2022)

A fun little piece written for a class I took with Tatiana Catanzarro and Pedro Bittencourt as the tutors. This piece is meant to be played via Zoom (or Skype, or Google Meet, there’s no sponsorships here). Here’s the class’s realization.

bands, improvised stuff

japanese grind (free improvisation)

Weird noises, improvised stuff, poetry being created on the spot. We have a spotify and a YouTube channel..

my solo weird electronic stuff (well…weird electronic stuff)

Just me goofing around, being a little goofy goober. Bro, check out my soundcloud.


benjamin (eraserhead press, 2015)

My only book (so far), this is a work in the Bizarro Fiction genre. You should definitely check it out (and also the genre in general) if you like stuff like Alice in Wonderland, David Lynch movies, Adult Swim’s weird infomercials.

anthologies that carry stories from me

On most of these I’m credited as Pedro Proença, a name I don’t use anymore.